Support Puerto Rico

We are calling all FAITHLIFERS to action. In the wake of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico – which left millions without power, Maria’s 155-mph winds ripped trees from the ground, tore roofs from buildings, and caused massive flooding.  Damage on the island is widespread. The people need us, at this time they need to see the love of God in action and that’s where you come in…help us urgently respond to the needs of the people on this beautiful island. This devastation does not only affect the Hispanic community but it affects us all because we are all God’s children and are to serve one another. WE ALL make up the community. We will be collecting monetary and material donations at the church to send to the island of Puerto Rico. We have enclosed a list of the items needed, please be sure to spread the word in your neighborhood, at your job and with anyone who will listen so that we all have a chance to come together and assist Puerto Rico in whatever capacity we can. You may drop off these supplies from9 AM to 5 PM on Wednesday thru Sunday. In addition to those collection dates, Deacon Cathy will also be at the church Tomorrow 9/27/17 starting from 5-7pm to greet you, pray with you and also collect your items. Se Habla Español so encourages your neighbors to come out.

Hurricane Maria Relief Items needed:

  1. Battery
  2. Bed sheets any size
  3. Food in cans (no dents or outdated)
  4. diaper for kids and adults any size
  5. female things
  6. gas
  7. chainsaw
  8. formula for baby’s
  9. baby wipes
  10. disposable plate, cups, cutlery
  11. soap ,deodorant, toothpaste, tooth brush
  12. first aid kit
  13. over the counter medicine
  14. sleeping bags
  15. dogs and cat food
  16. toilet paper
  17. Shampoo & Conditioner
  18. People may also make monetary donations for purchase of these items and to go towards shipping
  19. Insect repellant
  20. Sunscreen