Needs for Haiti

Priority #—Provide basic needs for survial: food and sanitary supplies.

Due to limited budget, we are unable to help everyone in the village. Instead, we are focusing on the students, administration staff and active members of the church, which is a total of 300 people.

We are going to create two different kits for 300 folks. We are getting the products wholesale, and locally, in order to get the best price and to further infuse money into their crippled economy.

1. Kit#1 Food Supplies: Rice, Ground Corn (mai), . gal of oil. 1 bag of beans, 1 pack of bread, Sugar.

2. Kit #2 Sanitary Supplies: Body Soap, Tooth Brush, Toothpaste, Toilet paper, Aqua tabs to purify water, Clorox, Laundry detergent/soap